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Drxpway is a creative house that produces any and all content relevant to street culture. From high-key lit 2D animation ,Free Beats with 100% free to use rights, Exclusive Beats , and Music Production, Drxpway aims drive out nothing short of high quality content.

_____  Free Beats   ____

At the Drxp we understand that creating and marketing your music sometimes cost a gang load of money. We understand that artists don’t always have a bag to throw to a producer for exclusive licensing fees. That’s basically why this section was created .To be a reliable resource for all kinds of artist who don’t want to risk throwing a bag on a beat because it might not pay back its cost.

All beats featured on this website are royalty-free, which means that you are able use them for any purpose and never have to pay royalties to a producer. Which means less worry  about the bag and most-importantly you keep 100% of your earnings. Tracks made using our beats can be posted on all streaming services, on sites like SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and Audiomack. You may also sell jams made using our beats on platforms like Google Play and Amazon or iTunes. Again, beats from the “Beats” page are 100 % free to use. No one requires you to cough up anything for your songs. Exclusive rights are available on request. Head on over to our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can for pricing.

_______ ShadyWood ______ 

ShadyWood’ follows the life of a Caucasian teenager trying to adapt to his new life in an urban community. Moving back to the “Hood”, the Gavin family soon discovers that the rules of the urban community aren’t as pleasant when you are “different”. ShadyWood  looks into the effects of racial discrimination and what can make us better as humans and one race. ShadyWood will be available on our site and also on YouTube every Friday at 17:00.

______Suarvae Videos _______

Additionally, DrxpWay creators have individual projects. Suarvae’s videos mainly focus on his life experiences as a young creative extrovert growing up in South Africa. His channel also features beats, Music videos and Free FLP’s.

___DrxpWay Fashion : DrxpWear ___

Drxpway will release a Street-Wear, Vintage-Wear and Tech-Wear line on the 19th of April 2019. Our fashion releases will all be on a monthly basis and limited only to 500 pieces per item. We aim to produce high quality street-wear, vintage-wear and tech-wear pieces at a very affordable price. Head on over to the ‘DrxpWear‘ page for our limited pieces. Shipment is free for African orders and $10 for International Door to Door orders (regardless of shipment size). Subscribe to our mailing list for monthly drop notifications sent straight to your email.


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